What Are Dental Bridges & Dental Crowns?

dental bridge

You may have heard the terms dental bridge and dental crown and wondered what the differences are between them. Stono Dental Care offers both dental bridges and dental crowns as part of our suite of treatments to restore missing or damaged teeth. Keep reading to learn more about these two popular dental restorations.

What Is a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a ceramic or porcelain cap that is placed over the tooth to cover or correct a variety of different issues that a tooth could have. Dental crowns are custom-designed to fit comfortably over the existing tooth. The crown preserves your beautiful smile since it looks like a real tooth.

Why Would I Need a Crown?

Crowns are pretty versatile. They can be used in several different scenarios. A crown can improve the look and/or feel of a discolored or misshapen tooth. It can also be used to protect and restore a cracked or broken tooth. And dental crowns are often used in the root canal or dental implant process.

What Is a Dental Bridge

While a crown is used to restore and protect a tooth, a bridge is used to replace a tooth or teeth, addressing gaps in the smile. A dental bridge is a false tooth or a set of several false teeth. It is secured in place by being attached either to the surrounding natural teeth or to implants. A dental crown will often be part of the dental bridge. The photo above is an example of a dental bridge with dental crowns acting as abutments or anchors.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

So what makes a dental bridge the right choice for some people when deciding how to replace their teeth? Dental bridges have a number of different benefits. First, a dental bridge will restore your smile and your speech. Additionally, it will help you chew your food with ease and will protect the shape of your face. Finally, it will keep your teeth from shifting to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.

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