ClearCorrect® Clear Teeth Aligners in Johns Island, SC

Are you interested in a straighter smile — without the obtrusive traditional metal braces? Dr. Game is specially trained to provide effective orthodontic care to straighten your teeth quickly, safely, and discreetly!

woman putting her ClearCorrect aligners in

At Stono Dental Care, we offer ClearCorrect Clear teeth aligners! Also known as clear braces or smile aligners, ClearCorrect is a comfortable, custom-made solution for straighter teeth, adjusted over time to achieve your goal smile.

The benefits of ClearCorrect Clear Braces include:

  • Clear, discreet appearance. Our clear aligners keep things discreet and nearly unnoticeable!
  • Easy removal. For mealtimes, brushing your teeth, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Comfortable and safe. Our aligners have a smooth fit and are gentle on the teeth and gums!
  • Dietary freedom. Clear aligners don't restrict what you can eat — keep enjoying the foods and drinks you love!
  • Faster treatments. Reach your goal smile faster compared to traditional orthodontics!

If you're seeking straighter teeth for a more confident smile, look no further than Stono Dental Care! Dr. Game and his team will design a care plan and provide clear aligners that are custom-made just for you. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!

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